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Our Mandate

…For I have made you a tree that would give birth to trees in this Land. I have raised you up in righteousness and directing your ways to build my city and set my captive people free. And you shall be great; you shall be greater and greater and you shall take my children to the Olympics(meaning raising kingdom champions).


Raising world changers with uncommon and supernatural mindset.


…transforming lives by the renewing of their minds.


We have a passion to restore the original purpose of the church of Christ which is to raise spiritually matured men and women that would manifest as light to their world. We see the church as a spiritual university where ordinary men are transformed into extraordinary men by nurturing and developing their enormous potential in Christ. We see greatness and the glory of God hidden in everyone as a tree is hidden in every seed. We may not tell you what you love to hear but we are committed to teaching you the truth that would release the glory in you.

What We Believe

  • There are three persons in one God- The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The entire Bible is the living word of God and authored by the Holy Spirit.
  • That Salvation comes only by faith in Christ Jesus.
  • In the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling God’s purpose.
  • God does not exist for you but you exist for Him.
  • Serving God is primarily in soul-winning, praying and working for the establishment and advancement of His Kingdom on the earth.
  • That the grace of God empowers us to live in obedience and live a life that pleases God.