The message of prosperity cannot be separated from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus announced that He came among other things to preach the Gospel to the poor. I’m yet to meet anyone whose goal and desire is to be poor in life. Poverty is a spiritual disease and there is nothing glorious in it. I struggled for a long time in my financial life until I surrendered to the divine principle of Sowing and Reaping. The gospel of prosperity never promote idleness or laziness as some tend to portray it but rather promotes work and labor as the message is anchored on tapping into the blessing and the grace of God upon the work of a man’s hands. Once His blessing is upon the works of your hands, your work is bound to produce result even under unfavorable conditions.

You can work and labour under the natural laws of life without the Blessing of God; you may succeed all things being equal but you can also tap into the divine laws of life by labouring and working under the blessing of God with a guaranteed result. Labouring without the blessing may be likened to driving to a far Country while labouring under the blessing may be likened to flying to that same Country. They may both arrive at the same destination but one is sweet and the other is burdensome.

Joseph was a slave but he was a prosperous man because God was with him through as a result of his obedience( Genesis 39). Isaac sowed under harsh economic conditions yet waxed strong and became very great to a point where others envied him. You can succeed without the blessing only under favourable conditions but with the blessing, no condition matters.

It is written that the Blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow. But how does it makes rich? By resting upon the work of your hands but if you have no work the blessing will produce nothing. In another light, the blessing have the capacity to destroy idleness and laziness in any life.

Those who are envious of the glory and prosperity in the Church should better fasten their seat-belt because the World is about to experience uncommon crisis but His glory and abundance will rest upon the Church. This is the era and the days of His Church for He said the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former.

The prosperity in the Church today should not really be a mystery. The Gospel has been preached and the people are responding and experiencing increase and sowing back into the Kingdom. You either embrace the Law of Giving and Receiving or remain a spectator or critic forever.