Galatians 3:29, Galatians 3:9

• This is not a promise but a statement of spiritual reality.
• In Christ Jesus you have been made the seed of Abraham. This is the truth and the Word of God.
• But what is the implication of being a seed of Abraham? Gal. 3:9
1. Abraham became who he was and is by the Blessing of God
2. He possessed a great name by the blessing of God
3. He was satisfied with long life by the blessing
1. Wealth and riches was in His house by the blessing. Abraham had 318 trained men born in his household.
2. The blessing is found in Genesis 12: 2-3, 24:1, 26:4
• The effect is how to manifest the blessing
How to Manifest your Greatness?
You need to create the right environment.
You can’t hope for a conducive environment; you can’t have that right environment by default or by accident.
You take deliberate steps to create the right environment for you to flourish.
Conducive Environments.
1. Develop a genuine intimacy and fellowship with God. You need a walk with God
1John 1:3, John 15:4, 2Cor 3:16
2. Mind your Association
• Your association creates your environment.
• Your true environment is not geographical but consists of those forces that influences your mind and the way you think.
The friends you keep, the books you read and every other thing that speaks to you and influences you constitute your environment.
Beware of complainants, murmurers, negative people, gossips and ungrateful people.

3. Accept Mentorship
• Mentorship is your ladder and spiritual elevator
• It gives you speed and advantage
• Mentorship is a wisdom clinic